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Meet the Bold Uniq Family...

BOLD UNIQ™ is a happiness company with family at its core. We want the BU family to be empowered and confident in their own skin (and hair)!

This is why the team and BOLD HQ work so hard to formulate the best, quality products that make you feel even more sensational!

We believe we have a product to suit everyone, would you like to meet them?

Purple Shampoo

Our firstborn and where it all began! Purple Shampoo is the strongest member of our Bold Uniq family, with outstanding purple powers this shampoo makes a stand against brassiness, this product will banish any yellow from your hair. You will get salon worthy color and finish from the comfort of your home!

Purple Mask

The caring one, this hair mask is a neutralizing hug for your hair! It's the perfect pick-me-up. A pigmented hair mask that will uplift and boost your tired, dull, brassy hair! Indulge in the moisturizing benefits of this purple mask and sleeky, silky, lustrous locks will be yours, with just one application.

Purple Conditioner

A newbie to the Bold Uniq family! But don't be fooled by its charm and smoothing capabilities, this purple conditioner packs a punch! Its nourishing nature means that it can be used regularly, with a rich & luxurious texture to smooth the hair, helping to leave it looking healthy, and silky soft to touch!

Family Reunion

Of course, all our products all have their own strengths and identity, but they do their best work as a team!

Why not bring the family together and try them all?

10,000+ Five-Star Reviews

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Clean & Safe Ingredients